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How to Meet Women Online with Higher Success Rates

There once was a time where Online Dating was considered geeky – something only tech-minded, anti-social people did to find other oddballs in the hopes of romance.

Oh, how times have changed.

Nowadays, online dating is not only socially acceptable, it is also the most popular form of dating on the planet!  Millions have met their future spouses through this wonderful invention we call the internet.  I know that in my own family, there are members who met their true loves through online dating websites.  I have the wedding pictures to prove it!

Add to that, the fact that I have been using online dating for over a decade to meet wonderful women from all walks of life.  In fact, I’ve used it so much, I’d go so far as to say I consider myself an “expert” at it.  I have used online dating not just to meet girlfriends I’ve had wonderful, committed, long-term relationships with, but also women for fun, casual flings and hook-ups.

Meeting Women Online Is Easy If You Know The Right Tricks

The interesting thing about online dating, is that unlike other ways of meeting women (such as bar/clubs, or day game, or what have you) is that it lends itself to a more scientific way of improving your results.  Instead of needing the courage to walk up to a woman and talk to her, you simply need to send out an email which you can test different versions of to see what women respond to the best!  This alone can be a godsend to numerous men who consider themselves too shy or scared to approach women in real life.

However, it is blatantly obvious that not everyone has been able to achieve my level of success with online dating.  Many guys run into constant problems with these services, such as:

  1. They fail to get responses to their emails.
  2. No one ever checks out their profile.
  3. Women “flake” on them too much.
  4. The girls never look like they do in their pictures
  5. They can’t get the interaction from the website to the real world

…and various other issues.  But these seem to be the most common.

I am a big believer that a man who is searching for love should use every method of meeting women available to him, but I’m an especially big believer that every man should always be doing online dating.  This is a “passive” way to meet wonderful women, which can occur while you’re at work, or while you sleep.  It requires very little effort on your part, and it can yield fantastic results.

In this area of the website, I am going to share with you some killer secrets you can use to learn how to meet women online.  All these methods come from my personal experiences and testing, so you won’t find them anywhere else (and if you do, they were copied from this website!).  Take your time and read through the course below carefully, so you can learn these methods and start using them right away.

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