Do You Always Get Stuck As “The Friend?”

Stop Getting Friend-Zoned

Quick question – how many times have you fallen for a girl, only to be stuck in the dreaded “friends zone?”

I mean – it usually SEEMS like she’s into you, right? It feels like you have a good rapport going on, and see appears interested…

But then, when you make your move, she looks surprised and lays the line on you:

“Let’s just be friends.”

From there, you’re confused, frustrated, and most of all – you feel like you somehow blew your shot.

Oddly enough, this happens all the time – even to “good looking” guys.

And most guys have NO IDEA why this happens!

What causes a girl to “Let’s just be friends” you?

Well, the BIGGEST reason why guys get shunted away into the friends zone is because they do nothing to distinguish themselves as a potential boyfriend.

In short: They lack the ability to “attract” the girl physically.

They play it safe. They never say anything off color. They never flirt. They never try and be anything but “friendly” to the girl.

And then they wonder why they get stuck as the friend.

Understand – from the moment you meet a girl, you must display that you’re interested in her sexually.

Now, that doesn’t mean you have to come off like a desperate, sleazy pick up artist. You just need to communicate your interest in a way where the girl picks up on it, but it doesn’t scare her off.

This is why so many guys SCREW UP.

Some guys will flat out tell a girl they’re interested in her. That can work sometimes, but this tactic will tend to scare off some women.

Then there are the guys who are SO SUBTLE in their overtures, that the girls never pick up on their hints that they’re interested.

The key here is to let the girl know you like her, without being too direct about it.

When you have that uncertainty with a women, where she’s like “I think he likes me, but I’m not 100% sure,” it creates what is known as SEXUAL TENSION.

And this is one of the core building blocks of attraction.

Without it, you get pegged as the gender-neutral friend.

With it, you are a viable candidate for an intimate relationship.

So how do you build this tension? What’s the secret?

The biggest thing you can do is learn how to flirt with women! The art of flirting is about displaying your interest for a girl without ever coming out and SAYING it.

So she picks up on your signs of attraction, but she’s not 100% sure about it.

Another thing is to have fun with the girl, while continuing to apply your flirting skills. Going out and having a good time together will create all types of fun feelings, but when you add in the “sexual” element of flirting, that tension is created.

Finally, resist falling into the habits and roles that friends fulfill. Don’t sit around and listen to the girl’s problems. Focus on her emotions, make her FEEL what you want her to feel. Don’t be the “friend,” be the guy who’s “exciting” and “mysterious.”

Demonstrate with your body language and flirting that you’re not interested in just “being friends,” and chances are, you’ll get to be something more.

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