How To Keep A Woman Engaged After You Approach Her

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I see it time and time again – a guy approaches a woman, says a couple words, and then a few seconds later the interaction dwindles down to nothing.

It seems at a certain point, the guy has failed to engage the girl and runs out of stuff to say. At that point, the girl gives him the cold shoulder, and he leaves feeling like a complete doofus.

Whether you’re meeting women at parties, coffee shops, bookstores, bars, or nightclubs, without keeping the ball rolling after approaching them, your chances of success are grim.

If you can’t follow up and continue the conversation after you’ve approached the girl, you’re destined for one failure after another. And as you can imagine, that will get pretty frustrating pretty fast!


Some guys know how to start up conversations with girls – it’s easy enough to do if you have a good pick up line that actually works. But taking it BEYOND that initial conversation is always the part guys run into trouble with.

This part is riddled with boring questions, awkward silences, and desperate attempts to salvage a sinking ship. For the life of them, most guys just don’t know what to talk about with women!

Now, I was not born with the gift of gab. Just like many hapless men before me, I’d toil away at getting a woman to like me. I’d fret over and censor every word that slid out of my mouth, making me self conscious and tongue tied and at a loss for what to talk about.

And I’d suffer the same fate as many of these men – the girl would politely excuse herself from the interaction, and I’d never see her again.

But then, I made a breakthrough discovery…

Have you ever noticed that when you’re talking to a girl you’re NOT attracted to, how easy it is to carry on a conversation? You can just focus on having a good time, shoot the breeze, and talk about anything, no matter how silly or stupid it may seem?

The key here is not about trying to keep the girl engaged, it’s about trying to make YOURSELF feel comfortable!

Once you can be relaxed and loosen up, you naturally become a more engaging guy!

But being comfortable with a girl isn’t enough. You also have to be able to build sexual tension while talking to her, otherwise, there’s nothing to keep her interested in you.

So the best way to quickly engage a woman, and keep her engaged, is to talk to her the same way you’d talk to a girl you already know, feel comfortable with, and think is attracted to you.

That last part is key! Believing the girl is already attracted to you (even if she isn’t) helps put you in the right mindset to create the sexual tension you need to build up attraction.

You’ve got to figure out the subjects you talk about with women you know. Then use these same conversation topics with women you’ve just met.

Then, pretend you’ve this woman for years and assume she’s completely head-over-heels for you. Take this advice to heart and you’ll have the power to keep a woman engaged as long as you desire.

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