Picking Up Women In Night Clubs


Meeting Women in Nightclubs

Let me just be clear – night clubs are NOT my favorite place to meet women.

The reason for this is that in night clubs, the odds are stacked AGAINST you. I am actually of the opinion that night clubs are best used for dates WITH girls, as opposed to going to meet girls in.

Now, with that disclaimer, I realize a lot of men like to go out to night clubs because they are fun, and there are a LOT of women there to choose from.

So if you know how to overcome the obstacles that night clubs present, they can actually be great places to pick up women in.

To pick up girls in the club, you need to follow a few simple steps:

1. Understand that night clubs are all about STIMULUS.

Attracting attention to yourself in a night club is a great way to get noticed by girls. Try and dress above average. Wear clothes that are different and fashionable. Women love guys who dress nice, and if your clothes can attract attention to you, it’ll make your job of meeting women easier.

2. Attitude is EVERYTHING.

Anything you can do to draw attention to yourself in a non-verbal way will be to your advantage in a club. Remember, you’re dealing with a place that’s loud and poorly lit, so having a confident attitude with the right body language is ESSENTIAL, because that’s primarily how you can communicate in a situation like that.

Walk with a swagger. Make strong eye contact. Be flirty – smile, wink, and nod. Having an outgoing attitude will help you to attract attention.

3. Use actions, not words.

Don’t try and hold a conversation in a noisy club environment. Instead, use actions to control the situation. When you walk up to a girl, keep the introduction short. Then, take her by the hand and lead her someplace quieter, like a smoking patio outside the club, and talk to her there. Or, take her by the hand and drag her to the dance floor.

Either way, don’t try to sweet talk her if she can’t hear you! Instead, display confidence with your actions.

4. Don’t spend too much time with any one girl.

Latching onto one girl in the club is a bad idea! You might find a girl you like and want to hang around with her, but you’ll actually get more mileage by flitting around the club and meeting as much women as possible.

Remember – clubs are about stimulus! Trying to do any one thing for too long will work against you. If you hang out with a girl too much in the club, she’s going to get tired of you because you’re now competing with all the other stimulus.

Make the rounds – dance and talk to lots of girls, and come back to the girl you like. Don’t worry, she’s not going anywhere. Just remember these magic words when you do this: “I’ll be right back!”

5. Know How To Dance!

I’ve stated that non-verbal communication is essential in a good nightclub pickup. And you can’t get more nonverbal than dancing!

Being a good dancer is a great way to attract attention. Girls love to dance, and if you can master the dance floor, you WILL impress them! Understand, many women equate how good a man dances with how good he is in the bedroom. (Strange, but true.)

Take a few lessons so you can really strut your stuff on the dance floor, because in a club, that’s where the real magic happens. Remember, if you can get a girl to dance with you, you can get her to make out with you!

If you can master your nonverbal communication skills, you’ll find that night clubs are a gold mine for great pick ups!

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