The Numbers Game

When you go out with the express intent of picking up a Stripper, you have to realize that you’re undertaking a daunting task.  Truth be told, you’d probably have an easier time meeting a girl in a regular bar and getting her to come home with you than you would pulling a Stripper from a club.  This is because you are not only trying to pull a woman from the place where she is currently WORKING, but you are also trying to pull a type of woman is who is notoriously flaky, and has a great deal of choice and power while in the club.

With this in mind, you have to realize that success in picking up Strippers is about one thing and one thing only…


When you enter a club, you can’t go in there looking to get a specific girl, because the odds just aren’t in your favor.  The girls are there to work, for the most part, so thinking it’s possible to seduce the exact girl you want is a bit far-fetched.

You have to be open to picking up any girl who’s in that club, be they a dancer, a waitress, a customer – whatever.  Your focus should be broad, not narrow.

I have a friend who’s a musician, and he looks like one.  He’s got the long hair, tattoos that cover his arms and back, who dresses in all black all the time – typical heavy metal rocker guy.  He loves to pick up Strippers, and when he and I go to a club, we go there with the express intention to get a girl and not spend money.

While I hang out by the bar and be social, talking to girls and whatnot, he’ll sit quietly in a chair somewhere and just wait for women to approach him, and he’ll keep waiting until he finds the one who responds to what he has to offer.  He’ll wait all night if he has to.  And though he’s not as consistent as I am with getting the girls, he will eventually find a girl who’ll like him.

He plays the numbers.

He waits until he finally finds a girl who’s into him, who responds to his look and his style, and when he does he’ll pursue her and try to get her outside the club.

You have to be the same way.  You have to play the numbers and look for the girls who respond to you.  They will be the ones you have a chance with.

Now, you may notice I just gave you an example of a guy who basically ignores all the advice I am giving in this course.  And this is true, he’s found a system that works for him.  One great thing about playing the numbers is that eventually, odds are you’ll get success.  However, some of the girls he gets are not ones I’d ever think about sticking my penis in.  He takes what he can get.  I maximize my odds of getting what I want.  There’s a big difference there.

I call this the “shotgun” vs “sniper” style.  Shotguns go for the widest spread to hit as many targets as possible, while snipers focus on one and only one target.  In the clubs, I used to see guys we called “Regulars” come in all the time.  These are guys who like one dancer in particular, and come in just to see her night after night.  Dancers love Regulars, because its a steady source of income for them.  However, Regulars rarely ever actually get the dancer they like, because she sees them as a customer.  I’ll try and be open to every dancer in the club, until I’m able to zero in on the girls I prefer.  Once that happens, I’ll do my best to get one of them to leave the club with me.  The more girls you can do this with, the greater your chance of actually getting success.

So while in the club, meet and chat up as many dancers as possible.  Strip Clubs are easy, unlike regular nightclubs.  The girls are all there to talk to and entertain the men who come in.  Meeting and talking to them can be fast and effortless.  Take advantage of this and play the numbers!

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