The Best Pick Up Line In The World

When they hear about using a pick-up line, most men will just groan. After all, pick up lines are cheesy and never work, right?

Actually, the BAD pick up lines are cheesy and never work. The GOOD pick up lines always work – in fact, they work so well, they aren’t even considered real pick up lines!

I believe I have discovered the best pick up line of all. It is one that has never failed to work, and it will never EVER get you rejected!

Want to know what it is?


Okay, please don’t stop reading – there’s more to this, I promise!

Keep it simple when talking to women

You may have noticed that following the advice of saying “hi” to random women does not lead to much. After all, you could say “Hi!” to every woman you meet, and never get more than a “hi” right back.

Well, I have good news! If you modify the way in which you start talking to these women, you’ll find that you can get a conversation going without any trouble at all.

Now, let’s consider how a guy says “hi” to a girl he doesn’t know. He will either look at her with a grumpy shy face, try to catch eye contact, nod his head and quickly look away. Sometimes, a guy will say “hi” very quietly, almost whispering and again look away.

Using the line like this will never work, because women will typically reply to you in the same fashion you started talking to them.

If you are shy and quiet, she will be too. If you just nod, the most she will do is nod back. If you say “hi” very quietly, that’s all she will do in return. Can you see how this works?

If you want to get a good response, you MUST do two really simple things to make this pick up line work.

The first is to say “Hi” in a clear, friendly, audible way, and do so with a smile on your face. She has to be able to HEAR you say “Hi” and at the same time not be alarmed by you. That is why the smile is important.

Smiling when talking to a woman will ALWAYS get you a better result than if you didn’t smile. (Trust me on this!)

Step two must follow IMMEDIATELY AFTER she responds to your greeting. All you need to do is follow up with some type of other question that leads into a deeper conversation.

It doesn’t really matter what you say. “How is it going?” will work in a pinch, but its better to follow up with an observation about your environment, especially if there is something funny to comment on nearby.

For instance, let’s say you’re in a grocery store and you see a girl you’d like to meet. You could walk up to her and say “Hi!” When she responds, follow up with “Hey, do you know anything about cooking? What do you need to make good mac and cheese?”

From there, you’ll start talking about any number of things, and that can eventually lead to that inevitable statement “You seem like a cool person. What’s your number? We should hang out sometime.”

See how easy that is? And don’t worry if you mess up or the conversation doesn’t go anywhere. After all, you’re just saying “Hi!” With enough practice, you’ll be the master at getting a girl’s phone number in no time.

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