The Busy Man’s Guide To Dating

Out of all the obstacles for dating, the biggest one is being TOO BUSY.

The stresses of Modern Life can really become overwhelming. We have to go to work. We have to pick up the groceries. We have to help our best friend move into a new place. We have to take the car in for a tune up…

Before you know it, your responsibilities pile up so quickly, something has to go by the wayside to make time for you to take care of the important stuff.

And your SOCIAL LIFE is usually the first casualty.

Before long, you just start thinking to yourself “I just don’t have time for women right now.” And you go on with your life, too busy to even think about it.

You let untold opportunities pass you by, as your mind focuses on another thing.

But then, suddenly, one day, you realize you’re LONELY. That you want a great woman in your life. However, you’re STILL just as busy as always. And now, trying to find a woman – on top of everything else – makes you even BUSIER.

So your busy schedule, coupled with the hardships of dating, such as flaky women, rejection, late nights out at the clubs, and so forth – begins to wear on you.

So what’s a busy guy to do, if he still wants to find a great woman?

Well, here are a few tips…

First of all, look at what’s making you so busy! Often times, the stuff that takes up so much of your time are the little things that aren’t that important.

Things like doing laundry, washing your car, grocery shopping, going to the bank, etc. are all examples of the little things.

Sure, they are important! And they need to be done. But there’s lots of little things that you can put off or get other people to take care of for you.

Sometimes you can find a service that actually delivers your groceries to your home, so you don’t have to go to the store.

There are full service laundromats where you can drop off your clothes and have someone else wash them for you.

There are lots of other services out there nowadays that can make your life much easier by taking care of the little things for you.

But more than that, it’s important to set aside at least 1-2 days a week where you do NOTHING but things you want to do.

People need free time. A time to relax! So if you’re not taking at least one day a week just for yourself, you’re going to burn out. Use that day to go out and meet some new women, or go on a date.

Also – use passive, convenient methods to meet new women while you are busy! Internet dating is a great example of this. You can go on an internet dating website, and create a profile, and when you have a few extra minutes during your day, hop on the computer and start emailing some women.

Before long, you’ll be getting dates set up even WHILE you are busy!

What’s more, get personal business cards made up, with your name, phone number, email address, and MySpace page on it. (If you don’t have a MySpace page, go there now and create one. it’s free and takes no time at all.)

When you meet a girl you like throughout your day, hand her one of your cards, and TELL HER to add you as a friend on MySpace. Every girl nowadays has MySpace, or Facebook, so this will help you keep in touch with them.

There are lots of things a busy guy can do to keep his social life alive and well. He just has to remember to find the time to DO them.

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